IMPORTANT: Update Subscription Changes

This is to let you know that this Website Update subscription list is being cancelled from the end of this month.

As you will know, the monthly  Update is a benefit to members of the TS Eliot Society (UK). It has been decided to provide the Update in future as an automatic benefit of membership.

Consequently, this separate subscription list is to be cancelled, and the October and subsequent monthly Updates will be e-mailed to addresses on the 2016/17 membership list.

If you have renewed your membership for the coming year, you need do nothing; your next Update will arrive in October, at the e-mail address to which your membership is registered.

(If you have not already done so, there is still time to renew your membership of the Society for 2016/17; see our membership page at for details.)

We hope you will continue to find our Updates a useful, monthly guide to TS Eliot news, events and resources added to our website.

Fare forward!

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