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Exchanges Autumn 2020

The Autumn issue of our Society quarterly is now available. Its editorial considers further the role of poetry during the pandemic; then the issue carries one of the first reviews of the new biography of Vivien Eliot, The Fall of A Sparrow. There are contributions on the activities of the Arvon Foundation, and on the teaching of Eliot at A-Level, with a final article by a recent A-Level student.

You can download this new issue here.


Exchanges… is a quarterly publication with contributions from members of the TS Eliot Society UK.

Whereas our Journal is an academic publication, subject to external assessment, review and citation, Exchanges… is very much a forum for Members to exchange ideas about Eliot, and to share their own perceptions as readers of his work. Exchanges also includes brief articles related to Eliot which can be lighter and less formally academic. It’s an opportunity for Members to maintain an interesting and ongoing conversation about Eliot, which the public is welcome to read.

We’re currently inviting members’ thoughts (of around 300 to 500 words) on the following themes:

  • a brief reflection upon your favourite line or lines of Eliot;
  • your first encounter with Eliot;
  • why you find a particular line or lines of Eliot memorable;
  • what Eliot means to you;
  • how you have shared your interest in /enthusiasm for Eliot with others.

All contributions are welcome (except members’ own poetry, which Exchanges… does not publish). You can e-mail the newsletter at:


Recent Back Issues


Summer 2020

Poems for the pandemic

‘A whispering under the door’ – West Abelard, a parody of Eliot

T S Eliot Prize for Poetry: Hannah Sullivan and Roger Robinson


Spring 2020

To Little Gidding

Reading ‘Journey of the Magi’ via Edward McKnight Kauffer’s Drawings

Eliot’s errata and variations



Winter 2020

In Place and Time’ – Eliot and Britten at Southwark Cathedral

T S Eliot in the #MeToo era

The Annual TS Eliot Society Lecture 2019 – Hannah Sullivan

The TS Eliot Poetry Prize 2020

The TS Eliot – Emily Hale archive


Autumn 2019

In Eliot’s own hand – the pleasures of the autograph

A new take on ‘My Favourite Eliot’

An evening in Virginia Woolf’s garden

An Eliot journey – leading to Emily Hale


Summer 2019

The 2019 T S Eliot Festival at Little Gidding

TS Eliot’s Portrait Of A Lady – an A-Level approach

Eliot’s Welsh Holidays

Four Quartets and Beethoven

The 2019 Edition of Four Quartets


Spring 2019

Exploring life and death: Hannah Sullivan’s TS Eliot Prize-winning Three Poems

Eliot and Intertextuality – further thoughts

Collecting T.S. Eliot

‘To Caunterbury they wende …’

Wall-to-wall presence? Inescapable Eliot …


Winter 2018

The Annual TS Eliot Lecture 2018, by Sir Christopher Ricks

Eliot and our way of thinking…

Review of Bill Goldstein’s ‘The World Broke in Two’

Literary Legacy: Andrewes, Eliot and a contemporary Anglican poet

The T. S. Eliot Prize for Poetry

Review of Jewel Spears Brooker’s ‘T. S. Eliot’s Dialectical Imagination


Autumn 2018

Eliot and the Great War

An open house afternoon at the University of London

The TV programme Return to TS Eliotland

Reflections on the TS Eliot Summer School

Paradox in Ash Wednesday

Returning to Eliot’s essay on The Modern Mind.



Summer 2018

TS Eliot’s portrait by Wyndham Lewis

Sarah Kennedy’s book on TS Eliot’s Dynamic Imagination

A report of this year’s TS Eliot Festival at Little Gidding

More on Eliot and intertextuality

A contemporaneous report from Eliot’s memorial service


Spring 2018

Jeremy Irons reading ‘Four Quartets’ in Southwark Cathedral

Something missing: the Journeys with ‘The Waste Land’ exhibition at the Turner Contemporary

T. S. Eliot and Anglo-Catholicism

Exploring Eliot’s ‘Four Quartets’ – a workshop

Winter 2017/18

A Visit to the University of Kent and its Eliot Collections

Annus Mirabilis 1922

Eliot’s Enigmatic Signifiers of Spring

Reading Poetry Aloud

Journeys with ‘The Waste Land’, at Turner Contemporary, Margate

Autumn 2017

A Study Afternoon on The Waste Land

Bernard Bergonzi – an appreciation

A plea from Susanna Ferrar

Obituary: artist Richard Williams

Reflections upon Eliot’s The Idea of a Christian Society

An (unusual) recollection of TS Eliot


Summer 2017

Events Reviews:

Eliot and Decadence;

Eliot in the Wartime Classroom;

TS Eliot Festival 2017

Perspectives: David Jones on TS Eliot

Sudden In A Shaft of Sunlight: The paintings of Alain Senez


Spring 2017

Eliot & Intertextuality (2)

Eliot and today’s Church of England

TS Eliot & FR Leavis

TS Eliot & CS Lewis

Four Quartets and Music

The Four Quartets paintings of Richard Williams

A first encounter with Eliot’s work


Winter 2016

Annual Lecture by Dr Sarah Kennedy

A first encounter with Eliot’s work

Rowan Williams on TS Eliot

TS Eliot on Twitter

Walking The Waste Land


Autumn 2016

TS Eliot Festival 2016

A near-encounter with TS Eliot

Measuring out our lives with coffee spoons

A first encounter with Eliot’s work

Eliot, spirituality and prayer, by Rowan Williams

Eliot and Intertextuality (1)

Stephen Spender on TS Eliot


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