Lectures/Articles/Programmes about TS Eliot

(This material concentrates on Eliot’s works and ideas; for material on the life of TS Eliot, see Biographical Material)

Bibliography of TS Eliot Scholarship – a searchable PDF of primary and secondary works by and about TS Eliot, compiled by members of the International T. S. Eliot Society for Oxford Bibliographies Online. a broad survey of the many approaches to his work, representing the best and most often consulted criticism as well as a selection of recent publications.

Literary History – links to a valuable selection of significant criticism and essays on Eliot

Critical essays – Jed Esty, through the University of Illinois, provides excerpts from critical essays in over a dozen categories by many of the leading Eliot scholars.

Questia Online Research – an online library, aimed at students, which charges for access, but lists over 10,000 books, academic journal, magazine and newspaper articles on TS Eliot. The listings themselves are a useful (and free) resource.

TS Eliot: The Poet Who Conquered the World A brief introduction to the significance of TS Eliot written for The Guardian by Robert Crawford, Professor of Modern Scottish Literature at the University of St Andrews, and author of the biography Young Eliot

Exploring The Waste Land – a learning resource providing both the poem with notes, hyperlinks etc, and a Supplementary Section of related essays and resources

More than one Waste Land A lecture by Professor Sir Christopher Ricks delivered to the New College of the Humanities in October 2013 (video)

Classics of American Literature – The Works of TS Eliot A Faculty Project Course by Victor Strandberg, Professor of English, Duke University. A course of video lectures with accompanying notes and slides, covering Eliot’s life and most significant poems up to and including Ash Wednesday (mixed media).

Open Yale course on TS Eliot – lectures by Professor Langdon Hammer, Chairman of the Department of English at Yale; lectures 10,11 and 12 cover from early Eliot through Prufrock to The Waste Land (video).

TS Eliot Lecture 2013 – Dr Rowan Williams, Patron of the Society, on Eliot’s Christian Society and the current political crisis (audio)

A Reader’s Guide to Four Quartets – A Key Note Lecture, focused upon the works’ handling of time, by Thomas Howard, Professor Emeritus, St. John’s Seminary, and author of Dove Descending: A Journey into T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets (video)

Faith in Eliot – a lecture by Professor Christopher Ricks (audio)

Eliot & Beethoven – exploring the relationship between Four Quartets and Beethoven’s Op 132 quartet (article)

TS Eliot – the pop star’s poet – Eliot’s influence on modern music (article)

Eliot: words tongued with fire – a semi-biographical overview of Eliot by Professor Mark Ford (article)

The Modern World: TS Eliot’s The Waste Land – the poem is discussed by Stephen Spender, Craig Raine, Peter Ackroyd and Frank Kermode, with readings by Michael Gough, Edward Fox, and Eileen Atkins (video)

The Waste Land and Modernity On the BBC Radio 4 programme In Our Time, Melvyn Bragg and guests including Steve Connor and Lawrence Rainey discuss The Waste Land (audio).

The First Edition of The Waste Land – an interview with Paul Muldoon, who has written a new introduction to the poem for a new printed edition (audio). (There is also a brief interview with the designer of the cover of this new edition here.)

TS Eliot’s Humanism, a lecture by Professor Christopher Ricks (video)

An Anatomy of Melancholy – A close friend of TS Eliot at the time, Conrad Aiken wrote what was possibly the first positive, full-length review of The Waste Land.  Here Aiken introduces his original review with a reminiscence of Eliot at the time, and how Aiken believes that he broke the poet’s writer’s block.

A series of Guardian articles on TS Eliot by Roz Kaveney

Beyond Belief, on BBC Radio 4, discusses the enduring appeal of Eliot’s religious poetry (audio)

The Westminster Theological Seminary examines how “T.S. Eliot’s poetry is informed by his lifelong pursuit of philosophy with a theological essence” in an essay by William Edgar, TS Eliot’s Poetry is Alive

Words and Music, on BBC Radio 3 – A special edition of music and poetry read by Simon Russell Beale to mark the 50th anniversary of T.S. Eliot’s death with poems including Four Quartets, The Waste Land, Marina and Landscapes and music by Thomas Ades, Beethoven, Stravinsky and Chopin. (audio)

The Muse in a Psychopathic Ward is a lecture on The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock, given to an audience at Harvard University to mark the 100th anniversary of the poem’s first publication in Poetry magazine by Professor Sir Christopher Ricks. (video)

Eliot in the Wartime Classroom, the University of London International Programmes’ inaugural 1858 Charter Lecture, exploring Eliot’s work as an Extension Lecturer 1916-1919, given by Professor Ronald Schuchard at an event supported by the TS Eliot Society (UK).

Roger Scruton writes on TS Eliot as Conservative Mentor, and how Eliot shaped a philosophy “richer and more true to the complexity of human needs than the free-market panaceas that have so often dominated the thinking of conservatives in government.”

Edna O’Brien on TS Eliot; the Abbey Theatre TS Eliot Lecture 2020 (video)

In Eliot’s Auditory Imagination (video), Professor Sir Christopher Ricks explores the significance of Eliot’s pronunciation in his recorded readings.

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