The Journal of the TS Eliot Society (UK)

The 2019 edition of the academic Journal of the TS Eliot Society has just been published.

Edited by Dr Scott Freer, the 2019 edition contains essays by William Myers and Benedict Jones-Williams; interviews with artists Mat Collishaw and Julian Peters by Scott Freer; and book reviews by Jaron Murphy. Full details of the contents are below.

The Journal is £8.00; send a cheque payable to TS Eliot Society to the Secretary at 73A Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 2AW, with a self-addressed C5 envelope, stamped with £1.50 of postage. Copies will also be available at the TS Eliot Festival at Little Gidding on 7th July.

Members of the Society are entitled to a free copy of the Journal; either pick yours up at the Festival, or send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Secretary as above.

Contents of the 2019 edition

  • The Waste Land Today (2019) – William Myers
  • ‘A minority of the bookish’? Identifying TS Eliot’s early readers – Benedict Jones-Williams
  • Mat Collishaw and Julian Peters – interviews with the artists by Scott Freer
  • TS Eliot’s Dialectical Imagination by Jewel Spears Brooker; and The Letters of TS Eliot Vol 8: 1836-1930, ed. John Haffenden – book reviews by Jaron Murphy

The Journal of the TS Eliot Society

The Journal of the T.S. Eliot Society (UK) is a peer-reviewed journal that annually publishes scholarly essays by leading as well as early career academics.

As well as articles focused on T.S. Eliot, the journal is interested in contributions that examine his legacy and so will also appreciate comparative studies (e.g. TSE & Philip Larkin or TSE & Evelyn Waugh).

The annual deadline for submission is January 10th. The word length is 6-8,000.

Please forward your enquiries or a 300 word abstract to Dr Scott Freer (University of Leicester):


Back issues

E-mail to inquire whether a back issue is still available:


  • Pain, Cruelty, Humiliation: T.S. Eliot’s Poetry of Violence and Reprisal, by Michael Levenson
  • ‘The magic of verse’: Incantation in the Poetry of T.S. Eliot, by Barry Spurr
  • T.S. Eliot’s Legacy in China, by Qiang Huang
  • “Mr. Eliot has Re-Discovered a Portrait of Himself”: Reframing Wyndham Lewis’s Rejected Masterpiece in the 21st Century, by Jaron Murphy
  • Book & Event Reviews by Matthew Geary & Mary Ann Lund


  • “Hello, Hello, are you there?”: Theatrics of Place in Eliot’s Poetry, by Tony Sharpe
  • TS Eliot and British Organicism: Food, Health and Nutrition, by Jeremy Diaper
  • TS Eliot’s Coriolanus: ‘Mandarins’ to ‘The Blameless Sister of Publicola’, by Matthew Geary
  • “Book Reviews by John Caperon, Chris Joyce and Scott Freer


  • TS Eliot: The Playwright and the Critic, by Michael J Collins
  • Ash Wednesday and the penitence of Western philosophy, by Graham Pechey
  • From ‘There’ to ‘Here’: Eternity Incarnated in Time, by Atsuko Tamaguchi


  • TS Eliot’s Hat Trick in The Waste Land, by David Liston
  • Tarantula and the Possum: on the Friendship of John Hayward and TS Eliot, by John Smart
  • TS Eliot’s Combined Personae as Tiresias-Narcissus in The Waste Land and their relation to the ‘objective correlative’, by Emily Bilman
  • Dust in Sunlight: the Incarnation of the Word in A Song for Simeon, by Graham Pechey


  • TS Eliot’s Christian Society and the current political crisis, by Rowan Williams
  • What might have been and what has been”: Eliot’s search for perfection, by Lyndall Gordon
  • “Things that other people have desired”: the contexts of TS Eliot’s Portrait of A Lady, by Alex Wylie
  • Why East Coker is still shocking, by Megan Quigley
  • Time as a likeness of eternity in Burnt Norton, by Atsuko Yamaguchi


  • The Use of memory: Eliot, Andrewes and the Redemption of Time, by Malcolm Guite
  • Noctes Binanianae: Eliot, Hayward and the Bina Gardens Circle, by John Smart
  • Narcissus and a Trust Fund: TS Eliot and George Barker, by Leo Mellor
  • Eliot’s Ellipsis: History and Hypergrammar in Rannoch, by Glencoe, by Graham Pechey
  • Homage to Eliot by RJ Owens
  • The Poet in statu pupillari: 1908-1912 by Geoffrey Curtis with Geoffrey Hines


  • Eliot and Earth, by Steve Ellis
  • A Note on Eliot’s Social Conscience, by Rachel Blakemore
  • TS Eliot and Anglo-Catholicism, by Michael Yelton
  • Ash Wednesday: some seasonal reflections, by Graham Pechey
  • Religion and Poetry in Eliot, by Jim Corrigall
  • Shafts of Sunlight, by Jeanette Winterson
  • Who is Sweeney, what is he? by Michael Gould
  • Review: Servotte and Grene’s Annotations to TS Eliot’s Four Quartets, by David Jasper


  • The Consciousness of the Writing Self in TS Eliot and Paul Valery, by Emily Bilman
  • Sometime Schoolmasters All: Frank McEachren and TS Eliot – and a few others, by John Bridgen
  • TS Eliot and Lady Lilian Rothermere, by Michael Gould
  • Eliot the Linguist of The Waste Land, a Mexican Girl and the Bite of a Snake, by Park Honan
  • Great Tom and Compayne Gardens, by Audrey Whiting




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