The Journal of the TS Eliot Society (UK)

The Journal of the T.S. Eliot Society (UK) is a peer-reviewed journal that annually publishes scholarly essays by leading as well as early career academics.

As well as articles focused on T.S. Eliot, the journal is interested in contributions that examine his legacy and so will also appreciate comparative studies (e.g. TSE & Philip Larkin or TSE & Evelyn Waugh).

The annual deadline for submission is January 10th. The word length is 6-8,000.

Please forward your enquiries or a 300 word abstract to Dr Scott Freer (University of Leicester):



Contents of the 2017 issue

“Hello, Hello are you there?”: Theatrics of Place in Eliot’s Poetry, by Professor Tony Sharpe

TS Eliot and British Organicism: Food, Health and Nutrition, by Dr Jeremy Draper

TS Eliot’s Coriolanus: ‘Mandarins’ to ‘The Blameless Sister of Publicola’ by Dr Matthew Geary

Book Reviews by John Caperon, Chris Joyce and Scott Freer

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