Biographical material

A Life in Pictures A summary of Eliot’s life with photographs

Poetry Foundation A critical biography, together with a comprehensive bibliography

BBC Arena television documentary, broadcast in 2009, telling the story of his life and work, and containing hitherto unseen footage, photography and Eliot’s scrapbooks.

An interview with TS Eliot from the Harvard Crimson, March 1933, primarily about the future of literature

TS Eliot talks about himself and the drive to create – An interview with TS Eliot by John Lehmann from the New York Times, November 1953

An interview with TS Eliot from the Paris Review, Spring/Summer 1959


Encyclopedia Britannica

Encyclopedia of World Biography

Faber & Faber biography

John Mullan, historian of Faber & Faber, on Eliot’s years at the publisher.

TS Eliot’s late love affair – the story of his relationship with Valerie, including access to their scrapbooks

Craig Raine, the preface from his book TS Eliot (OUP, 2006) in the Lives and Legacies series

TS Eliot’s Troubled Spiritual Journey, by Roger Kojecky, published in The Glass by the Christian Literary Studies Group, tracing a path through his spiritual biography

The Nobel Prize for Literature 1948 – the telegram informing Eliot of the award; the Presentation Speech, by Anders Österling, Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy; TS Eliot’s Acceptance Speech; a photograph of Eliot having received the award; and the certificate of his award.

People in His Life, “From family life to his work at Faber & Faber, a selection of those most important to Eliot.”

There are more items and images of biographical interest housed under Miscellany. 

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