The Annual TS Eliot Lecture

The prestigious Annual TS Eliot Lecture has been presented by the TS Eliot Society (UK) since 2009. It has been given by many leading Eliot scholars, and generously hosted by a series of Colleges. The Lecture is open to students, members of the public and to TS Eliot Society members, who have booking privileges.



Lyndall Gordon
Oxford, 2023

2009 – Frank Kermode
Michaelhouse Centre, Cambridge

2010 – Malcolm Guite
Magdalene College, Cambridge

2011 – Alexandra Harris
Magdalene College, Cambridge

2012 – Jeremy Noel-Tod
The Long Song of J Alfred Prufrock
Magdalene College, Cambridge

2013 – Rowan Williams
Eliot’s Christian Society and the current political crisis
Clare College, Cambridge

2014 – Jewel Spears Brooker
TS Eliot and the Ecstasy of Assent
Magdalene College, Cambridge

Christopher Ricks
Cambridge, 2018

2015 – Mark Ford
TS Eliot in 2015
Magdalene College, Cambridge

2016 – Sarah Kennedy
Eliot’s Ghost Women
Newnham College, Cambridge

2017 – Ron Schuchard
The man and woman who suffer in The Waste Land
Newnham College, Cambridge

2018 – Christopher Ricks
The Imperfections of Humanity: TS Eliot and a Shakespearean Hero
Pembroke College, Cambridge


John Haffenden
London, 2022

2019 – Hannah Sullivan
TS Eliot and the Art of Abandonment
Merton College, Oxford

2021 – Seamus Perry
TS Eliot’s Liberalism
Merton College, Oxford

2022 – John Haffenden
Vivien Eliot – Woman and Writer
University College, London

2023 – Lyndall Gordon
TS Eliot’s Secrecy: Disguise and the
Hidden Drama of Emily Hale
Merton College, Oxford



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